Compensation Plan

A compensation plan designed so everyone can make good money!

Congratulations on finding the most lucrative and - quite frankly - the most common sense home business in the world.

Whatever it is you're looking to achieve in a home business, Lightyear's comp plan has something for you. Immediate income - you got it. Long-term income - it's all yours. Leadership rewards and incentives - there for the taking. Whatever you would expect from a lucrative compensation plan - Lightyear has it! To top it all off, the compensation plan is backed with an INCOME GUARANTEE!

  • Monthly Residual Commisions
  • Customer Acquisition Bonuses
  • Car Bonuses
  • Travel Expense Account
  • Revenue Sharing Pools
  • Web System Monthly Residual
  • Matching Residual
  • FREE Wireless Credits

All Backed by a $1,000 Bonus Guarantee!!!