talk all you want
text all you want and
surf the web all you want

Nationwide Coverage and
No Contract service

Plans start as low as $20
Nationwide 4G LTE Data Speeds
Hotspot Mobile Access
No Overages and No Limits!

Lightyear Wireless (S) Service Plans
Price $20 $3499 $4999 $5999 $6999
Voice Minutes 200 700 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Text Messages   700 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data       Unlimited 3G Unlimited 4G LTE
International Calls       $5 Free $5 Free
Roaming       $20 add on $20 add on
Picture Mail       Unlimited Unlimited
International Rates Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Hotspot Add On       $2999 $2999
Additional Lines (2-5)       $4999 $5999
Contract No No No No No

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